June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

API Design and REST(ful Extbase)

Using modern technologies, we can improve the developer's life a lot to help her concentrating on crafting applications instead of executing many little error-prone steps.

REST has been one of the buzzwords around web services the last few years. Getting a really RESTful (and sensible) API however is more than just supporting POST, PUT and GET requests to endpoints that match your domain objects.

This talk is for everybody who wants to expose (part of) their domain logic via an HTTP API. It will mostly cover RESTful techniques, but also basics. We'll also explore some of the different ways to implement common features while keeping your API standards-conformant.

A (small) example of how Extbase extensions can expose their data and actions via REST will be given.

There will also be room for discussions, especially concerning things like partial model updates (PATCH requests) or API versioning.

Please note that this talk is a spontaneous replacement for another speaker who got ill. The speaker will prepare some slides and demos, but is also open for suggestions and questions during the talk.