June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Certification Preparation

The TYPO3 Association offers a preparation workshop to provide future integrators with all the information and materials they need to pass the “Certified TYPO3 Integrator” exam successfully.

Participants will learn about the certification, what is tested and how it is tested. There will be an introduction to all the subjects covered in the certification and everybody will do a short mock exam to get a feeling for it. We will encourage participants to form learning groups so that preparation is never without help and fun is always a part of it. In other words, that the learning is done “TYPO3 style”. Your tutor will be Patrick Lobacher, one of the most well known authors and trainers in the TYPO3 universe.

The price of 269 EUR (T3A member price 219 EUR) includes entry to the workshop, a voucher for your exam at a Pearson Vue testing center of your choice (valid for 6 months), and a free copy of Patrick Lobacher’s ebook “Certified TYPO3 Integrator” for your further personal exam preparation (The test and book together worth 235 EUR). The workshop can be offered at this low rate as it is based on voluntary work.

Tickets for the workshop can be bought at shop.typo3.org/certification/.

You don’t need to have a ticket for the Developer Days, it’s totally fine if you just come to Eindhoven for the workshop.