June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Contributing to the TYPO3 CMS Core

The team, the workflow, the tools, the required skills. How can you help?

Ernesto Baschny, release manager of TYPO3 CMS 4.5 and 6.2 together with Oliver Hader, TYPO3 CMS team leader will show you:

  • who is the team behind TYPO3 CMS?
  • what are the tools involved in creating this piece of software?
  • what workflows does the team have?
  • what guidelines, conventions, rules apply?
  • how can anyone from the Community simply hook in and participate?
  • what skills are required, and where can one help?
  • what obstacles are known to frustrate first time contributors, and how can you help the team in getting these obstacles out of the way?

These and all others questions you might have around this topic!