June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Deployment of TYPO3 CMS using TYPO3 Surf

The goal of this workshop is to gather all (scattered) little helpers, tools, workflows and knowledge around TYPO3 Surf in order to create and publish documentation and code in a central place to get people started more quickly and easily.

While deployment of (web) applications is a hot topic fro quite a while now and there are a lot of tools available, the adoption of fully automated deployments is still not at a rate where it should be (at 100%). I suspect this due to the fact that TYPO3 Surf lacks quite some tools and concepts especially when it comes to deployments of TYPO3 Projects.

There are quite some tools and extensions out there, that play nicely with TYPO3 Surf which many people already successfully use to deploy their TYPO3 CMS projects, there is no published "all in one solution" that covers most of the needs (which hardly ever change or differ), information and documentation is scattered and knowledge (often) kept for own use.

In the workshop I plan to quickly explain the ideas and concepts of TYPO3 Surf, what id does for you and even more important, what it does not (out of the box).

After that we will collect as many requirements for a successful deploy process as possible, order them by importance and start implementing them top down.

The result of the workshop ideally is some (Flow and TYPO3 CMS) code, a comprehensive documentation and a roadmap what still needs / should be done. The major goal is to get starters in this area on the right track more quickly and especially without reinventing the wheel over and over again or having to gather information or code from scattered places.

As participants everybody is welcome, not only coders. If you have experience in managing web projects, like solving (complex) puzzles, love writing documentation or have fun hacking some code, I'm looking forward to your participation and contribution.

This is a hands on workshop, so bring your tool (be it a laptop, tablet or pen and paper).