June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Getting started with Superheroic JavaScript Framework AngularJS

AngularJS (by Google) is a very popular and super easy to use JavaScript framework for web apps or single page applications (SPA). Features like two-way data binding and scopes will make your work a lot easier.

In this talk I would like to show you the possibilities and benefits of the JavaScript MVW (Model, View, Whatever) Framework AngularJS developed by Google.
I will show you how to work with AngularJS without writing one line of JavaScript and how scopes, dependency injection, directives, filters and factories work together and, of course, what they are and do.

I am using AngularJS in the new DCE 2.0 extension for TYPO3 (and a few other projects) and I think that it might help you as it has helped me.

This talk is for developers with basic JavaScript skills and who have never worked with AngularJS before. You should know how to work with objects and arrays and know what a callback method is.

After this talk you will be ready to play with AngularJS and know in which cases AngularJS is a good alternative for your implementation.