June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Preparing tasks for the first TYPO3 Distributions, Usability Solutions and Themes week which is going to happen end of September in Festenburg, Upper Harz, Germany

In 2009 we had the user experience week, which was a great success. 30 hand picked developers, designers and project managers gathered for a whole week “in a castle in the middle of nowhere” to brain storm about the future of the TYPO3 user interface.

Now that we have a new TYPO3 LTS version, the idea for a similar but improved event in 2014 came up inspired by that unique role model of the T3UXW09. We will have lots of opportunities to increase the user base of TYPO3 CMS with trade specific distributions, that can be created easily with TYPO3 6.2 LTS and the upcoming THEME packages. At the same time we want to provide usability improvements that can be tested as extensions before they can find their way into upcoming versions of TYPO3 CMS and NEOS.

The new event will therefor include distributions as one of the key aspects and shift the focus slightly away from pure backend coding and in favor of well thought concepts and designs for usability solutions and themes. This is how it's called: TYPO3 Distributions, Usability Solutions and Themes – T3DUST.

We want to invite 30 people to form 5 teams, who will join in another place, but still in the middle of nowhere. Each team should have 3 coders ideally covering both NEOS and CMS, 2 designers and 1 project manager. We will try to involve more users and less developers, so that we can get feedback from real life projects instead of just guessing what people might need. This is why we invite anybody, who has got at least intermediate experience with at least one of the products, for a full day workshop to collect concepts and ideas for these tasks.

Later on the final teams will have to take over exactly one task each, so participants can prepare stuff instead of starting from scratch. The rest of the agenda will be defined by the participants on location.

If you think you should be part of a team in September as well, feel free to apply for one of the positions.