June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Threading will change the world

Threading is a powerful concept gaining asynchronicity and parallelism. The talk introduces you to these concepts in PHP.

In August 2012 Joe Watkins introduced the Pthreads extension for PHP. Since then it is possible to use threads for asynchronous data handling in PHP as well. Now the extension is in a very promising state so it is definitely a look worth. The talk will show you the basics of using threads in PHP on the base of some real world examples. We will also have a look into interesting fields of future use. As parallelization and asynchronity is becoming more and more important this is a good way to step into some very interesting an promising fields. In the second part the use of threads with a prebuilt threadsafe runtime called appserver.io will be shown and the possibilities for the TYPO3 environment will be discussed.