June 19-22 2014
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

What coders need to know to build with the Neos UI

The Neos UI is created to work as a design framework. It's easy to extend it for new features. In this workshop, we will go through both the specifics of the UI and the broader User Experience plan that’s important to keep consistent.

Everything about the TYPO3 Neos UI planning was greatly inspired by the
technical foundation of the CMS. It’s all about framework-thinking. This also
means that’s it’s quite easy to build on top of the core User Interface. It’s
possible to extend it in many ways. Yet, there are also pitfalls you need to
avoid in order to keep the User Experience consistent. In this workshop, Rasmus
will guide you through how to make sure that you’re new small add-ons or larger
modules all fit with the core interface. We will cover both the design thinking
behind the UI, the specifics of the UI that you need to adhere to – and the User
Experience planning embedded into Neos that can help make developer’s extensions
of the core be instantly and joyfully useable.